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Guangzhou Canis Latrans Sports Limited

Guangzhou Canis Latrans Sports Limited is a factory specialized in the professional design and production of outdoor equipment used for war games, outdoor camping, mountain-climbing, etc. We provide various MOLLE tactical products with competitive factory prices and reliable quality, such as vests, backpacks, outdoor pouches, tactical holsters, helmets & masks, elbow & knee pads, rescue belts, weapon slings, airsoft cases, outdoor gloves, boots & caps & BDU.

Our company has modern manufacture and assembly lines of outdoor sports equipment. Furthermore, we also have a well-trained, skilled, experienced and stable workforce, including all kinds of professional and technical personnel, such as engineers, senior technicians, and craftsmen etc., who have the extensive experience in various types of outdoor product development, manufacture, assembly, production and testing. We lead our company under modern business management business model and 7S sound scientific management system.

Our company focuses on quality, and always adhere to the “customer first, honest and law-abiding, daily perfection, unity sophisticated” quality policy and objective. In the past years, our products have been sold to the United States, Japan, Europe, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other areas. We establish a long-term stable cooperative relationship with foreign customers, providing them with excellent products and friendly service, which are favored by the old and new merchants.

We are willing to take full enthusiasm to provide sophisticated products and dedicated service for our domestic and foreign customers, and we warmly welcome any new and old customer to visit us for guidance, exchange and cooperation.


Lift at Happy island

Do good think for the children

All the worker in Happy island do the same work: Make more and more safe toy for the child. And make sure all the toys: outdoor playground equipment ,indoor playground equipment ,and the adult outdoor fitness equipment all are best quality and all the product are attain to the verify of the word.

Passion of the work

All the worker in Happy island are full of the passion confront with ever work especially about the outdoor /indoor playground equipment for the children ,all the salver  love the kids so much ,they have the kids heart and full of the passion action . We love children very much.

We will have a party to the kindergarten with the kids play one day once a year. On the party we will teach the children how to play outdoor an safe. And play with the children together and let children play happy.

Strict products technological process

About the outdoor playground equipment and the outdoor fitness equipment are have the strict product t

the best community outdoor fitness equipment for the people

  The outdoor fitness equipment is to make people convenience and let people do more exercise near the house. And take care them health to be stronger. Let people can play except the stand at home watch TV and play games .


  Today I talk about the community equipment about the walker equipment . I think may people are know about this equipment ,if you usual play outdoor equipment at your public community place .

The walker outdoor fitness equipment are also call Cross Country Ski Machines offer efficient and effective aerobic exercise working large muscle groups. Users will quickly burn calories, have more control over their weight, and will simultaneously work both the upper and lower body for shorter workouts.


  The low impact and minimally resistant movement requires balance, coordinated upper and lower body movements, strength, and endurance creating a complex workout unparalleled by other machines. Cross Country Ski Machines are available in single or two person side-by-side models.


  The walker equipment is the most good equipment for choose you can be choose when you go to do more outdoor exercise. Walk equipment suit the older people and the litter children play times and the Moring sport.

sit-up bench outdoor fitness equipment

  Do you know which outdoor fitness equipment do lady love , pendulum ,sit-up bench ,tai ji or other equipment . If it must to be choose , I thing lady is most love sit-up bench outdoor fitness equipment than any other outdoor fitness equipment.

Why choose the sit-up bench outdoor fitness equipment not others. Lady are very care about  the devil figure for the devil figure they can didn’t eat something ,do more exercise and even more way to keep their figure. Sit-up bench are better as you can set the resistance by increasing or decreasing the angle. Hence, no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced trainer with strong abdominal muscles you can set it for the best results.

  Nowadays , more and more lady fat at the waist ,we can see the axunge especial at the waist, because of the beautiful lady always said :”I had to cut down my axunge , let the axunge go out of my waist. So do exercise outside to the community the sit-up bench outdoor fitness equipment is the best choose for you.

  About the sit-up bench outdoor fitness equipment there is tow type , The Single and Double Sit-Up Benches provides a convenient place to strengthen core muscles alone or with a partner. The declined bench provides a wider range of motion during sit ups, engaging more abdominal muscles than if done on the ground or straight bench. Knee support and foot bars also provide extra stability decreasing lower back strain.

  Double Sit-up Board with its ergonomically design, provides a way to exercise the abs while keeping the back and neck safe from injury. The leg grip provides a way to keep balance as well as, great form during the exercise. Up to two people can exercise at the same time on this machine.

  Do you know who to use the sit-up bench outdoor fitness equipment

Lie down and place feet under
bars. Place hands behind ears or crossed
in front of chest. slowly lift head followed by
shoulder blades. Hold then slowly
return to start position.

pendulum outdoor fitness equipment

  Pendulum is a great all-around abs workout machine, that allows for a complete exercise of the lower back and abs muscles. Providing you with a way to fully stretching out the abs muscles. This device greatly increases the core strength.

  Pendulum outdoor fitness equipment in the community you can see everywhere. Because pendulum is very common and more older people outdoor exercise sport are love this fitness equipment so much ,so that most all the community and the open park are put it in the action outdoor fitness place.

  Why people love the pendulum equipment so much?
  First ,the pendulum equipment features::
  Enhanced cardiovascular fitness and coordination, improve blood circulation and digestive function, strengthen the lumbar spine, hip mobility can muscle strain, lower limb off function disorders, muscle atrophy have role in rehabilitation.

 Second, The Pendulum Machine targets your lower back, abdominal, and waist muscles. It’s an easy, fun movement and even more exciting when you get to exercise outside! This two person exercise machine even enables you to work out with a partner so you can socialize while burning calories.

  Third ,Pendulum Swing: Set up for the exercise by placing both hands on the grip bars on each side of the platform. Carefully step one foot at a time onto the platform, making sure to stabilize before placing all your weight onto it. Once you are steady, swing legs from side to side while tightening stomach muscles and maintaining proper posture. For maximum benefit, do the exercise slowly and lower feet as far as possible.—pendulum-equipment.html

outdoor fitness equipment make in china

  The Happy island ,family of childhood ,Yi qi le are the three largest manufacture company outdoor fitness equipment.50% export outdor fitness equipment are come from this three large factory.Ithink if you are import outdoor fitness equipment in China you must hear about the three company .Today ,let me talk about the one fo the three comapny “Happy island “.
  The Happy island company is call Guangzhou happy island education recreation equipmen company .the company is located in the north suburb Guangzhou. It occupies self-built workshop with 48000 square meter ,including large-size production workshop, showroom,  quality testing room etc.

  In happy island all the outdoor fitness equipment are need to repeat test so that all the prduct quality are best .in order to let the client belive our quality is the best.we have bouth any equipment for checkout all the equipmen when it is finished all the works .
  The happy island make sure that the passionate pursuit of perdection :It is spirit of innocation and sedication which guides us to find new and creative way to exceed our customer expectations.
 Happy island idea :”unite as one and help each other and share weal and woe

Tenet:”Spreading happiness ,create future “.
Our direction is towaed market requirement and product quality .
Management policy:” Honrsty and faith is capital,Quality is the life, Innovation is the power’.
Spirit of enterprise :’innovation ,high-effciency”

outdoor fitness equipment of the Abs board

   outdoor fitness equipment of the Abs board.It is Benches provides a convenient place to strengthen core muscles alone or with a partner. The declined bench provides a wider range of motion during sit ups, engaging more abdominal muscles than if done on the ground or straight bench. Knee support and foot bars also provide extra stability decreasing lower back strain.
   Sit up benches have a slanted, declined position and are either stationary or adjustable. They are designed for abdominal exercises, but can be used for chest presses and other exercises as well. Sit up benches have a padded backrest and support pads for bracing the feet to provide stability during exercising.


How is the outdoor fitness equipment Abs board equipment :
1. Perform decline crunches. Stand with your legs between the pads, and slowly lie down on your back. Place your feet under the padded supports and your hands on the sides of your head. Begin a series of crunches by rolling your upper torso forward slowly, then pushing your head and chest toward the ceiling, keeping your lower back against the bench.
2. Reverse your position to complete reverse crunches in an inclined position with your feet flat on the floor. Hold the foot supports with your hands and extend your legs straight out. Bring your knees towards your chest, and straighten them back out.
3. the obliques in a similar fashion to reverse crunches. Obliques are the abdominal muscles located on the sides of the ribcage. Lie on your back and hold the foot pads for support. Twist your lower body to one side, bend your knees and draw your legs up towards your chest. Extend your legs out and repeat. Do a series of reps on both sides.
4. Do pullover crunches using a medium weight medicine ball. Slide your feet under the supports, hold the ball and extend your arms straight over your head. Swing your arms over your head and sit up, all in one smooth motion while holding the ball with both hands. Lower the body onto the bench and repeat.
5. Work your chest with dumbbells. Slide your legs between the supports and sit at the top of the bench. Slowly slide down the bench until your feet are under the pads and you are lying flat on your back. Perform chest presses with 2 dumbbells.