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pendulum outdoor fitness equipment

  Pendulum is a great all-around abs workout machine, that allows for a complete exercise of the lower back and abs muscles. Providing you with a way to fully stretching out the abs muscles. This device greatly increases the core strength.

  Pendulum outdoor fitness equipment in the community you can see everywhere. Because pendulum is very common and more older people outdoor exercise sport are love this fitness equipment so much ,so that most all the community and the open park are put it in the action outdoor fitness place.

  Why people love the pendulum equipment so much?
  First ,the pendulum equipment features::
  Enhanced cardiovascular fitness and coordination, improve blood circulation and digestive function, strengthen the lumbar spine, hip mobility can muscle strain, lower limb off function disorders, muscle atrophy have role in rehabilitation.

 Second, The Pendulum Machine targets your lower back, abdominal, and waist muscles. It’s an easy, fun movement and even more exciting when you get to exercise outside! This two person exercise machine even enables you to work out with a partner so you can socialize while burning calories.

  Third ,Pendulum Swing: Set up for the exercise by placing both hands on the grip bars on each side of the platform. Carefully step one foot at a time onto the platform, making sure to stabilize before placing all your weight onto it. Once you are steady, swing legs from side to side while tightening stomach muscles and maintaining proper posture. For maximum benefit, do the exercise slowly and lower feet as far as possible.